Host Info & Tips

1. Pick a date

The main Serve It Up for CF campaign is run in September, but you can pick any time of year that suits you.

2. Pick a time

Breakfast, brunch, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, after-work drinks or dinner?

3. Where abouts?

At home, at work, in the garden, in a park, at the beach or next to the river?

4. What to serve?

Breakfast - Pancakes, fruit platters, bircher muesli, bacon, eggs, sausages, muffins, pastries, juice, coffee, tea, champagne

Morning / afternoon tea - cupcakes, biscuits, danishes, banana bread, cake, slice, gingerbread men, petit four sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, fruit, mini sausage rolls, mini quiches, vegetables and dip, juice, tea, coffee, home-made lemonade.

Lunch - BBQ, salads, pasta, sandwiches, sushi, quiche, cold cooked chook, Sunday roast, pizza, burgers, soup and crusty bread, lasagne, cheese fondue, seafood platter, prawn cocktails, antipasto platter, cheese, juice, soft drinks, sparkling water, wine, beer.

Dinner- Steak, pasta, home-made pie, roast with vegetables, wood-fired pizzas, potato bake, fish and chips, BBQ cook-up, burgers, soup, stir-fry, baked and stuffed chicken breast, parmigiana, nachos, tacos, burritos, champagne, cocktails, wine, beer, port, sparkling apple juice, lemonade, coffee and tea to finish.

Dessert- Mousse, chocolate fondue, pavlova, cupcakes, fresh fruit, home-made ice cream, cake, lemon tart, pies, trifle, chocolates, icy poles, eclaires, Eton mess, cheesecake, cherries, self-saucing chocolate pudding, brownies, apple pie, sticky-date pudding.

4. Theme ideas

Go Red - The red rose is the symbol of cystic fibrosis, so hosting a red-themed event will draw attention to the cause. You can ask people to dress in red, put up red decorations, have red roses on the table, or go all out by serving red food and drink. 

Travel Abroad - Mexican, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Indonesian, Tropical, New York, Wild West, Spanish, Turkish, African, German.

Favourite Chef - Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, Julia Child, Heston Bloomingfield, Maggie Beer, Nigella Lawson, Women's Weekly, Menu Magazine, Taste Magazine, MasterChef, Delicious, Matt Moran.

5. Tell people why you are passionate

Make sure your guests understand why raising money for CF is important to you. They'll care because you care. You can mention it when you invite them and on your online giving page. Then, when you have everybody gathered at the event, stand up and say a few words or give a toast. Every dollar you raise makes a big difference!

6. Say thanks

A little thanks goes a long way - make sure you let your guests know you appreciate their help.

Most people with CF need to eat a diet filled with lots of fat, calories and salt. Do you like the idea of filling up on chips, burgers, cheese, pasta, and still finding it hard to put on weight? It might sound like a dream, but for people with CF it can be far from fun.

Roughly 85% of people with CF have problems digesting their food. Their pancreas is clogged with a thick, sticky mucus and doesn't produce the enzymes needed for digestion. This means they need to take tablets with every meal, and eat lots of high-fat, high-calorie food. If they don't, they quickly lose weight and become malnutritioned. On top of that, they often feel unwell, so forcing down large amounts of heavy food can be a challenge. 


Eating correctly is a big part of the treatment plan for people with CF. It's so important to keep meals fun and interesting - particularly for the kids! So when you Serve It Up for CF add a bit of spark to your cooking and send us some photos of all the tasty food!

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